note 1
jan 2018, Bangalore
Social Leapfrogging: Countries like India will jump the Industrial Revolution 4.0 although they might be contributing to it from the sides – mostly tech. and support.
It's more likely that Indians will use products and services such as autonomous flying machines rather than autonomous cars.​​​​​​​

note 2
jun 2019, Älmhult​​​​​​​
While conducting User tests in Sweden, I realised that although people find the concept of 'Smart homes' new and exciting, they also think that maintaining it and getting timely support is quite daunting. There may be future scenarios where some (or all) members of a family will want to 'un-smarten' their lives... #overwhelming #data-privacy #new-needs 

note 3
jul 2019, Bangalore
Demiurgic vision – Post-it process – Design Faking
Recommended read: Ezio Manzini talks about Big-ego design and Post-it design in his book: Design, When Everybody Designs.​​​​​​​