How can we ensure a safe, inclusive and equal smart home system for customers even though capturing user data is inevitable for the business? 

From the minute people unbox their smart devices to set them up, to the time they can control and automate them, we need to look at all the little details to design the right experience for people who are not typically early technology adopters.
My work is not only to design experiences aimed at humanizing ‘smart technology’ but also to establish a systematic way of approaching 'well-being' in a domain that is still considered 'futuristic' and technological.
This also means that a part of my job is to establish user-first mindsets in various teams across the hierarchy of the client organization. In this stream of work, I've conducted workshops and investigations in quality consciousness for product owners, business leaders, developers and communicators and had conversations around the 'definition of done' for designers.

This programme consists of multiple projects. 
1. Conceptualizing the smart home living experience of the future
2. Designing for new smart products and features
3. Influencing organisation culture through Design

This work is currently confidential. 
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