Memorable experiences are immersive and they evoke emotional responses. This project was an experiment to explore books as a medium to share experiences. This book takes the reader on a journey through the Adi-Kumbeshwara temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. Through its colourful pages, the reader experiences the devout energy of the people there and the brilliance of the temple art and architecture.
Each spread presents a different scenario within the premises of the temple and gives a visually rich experience of the environment. Motifs and graphics from the temples make the book interesting and informative. Further, prose and poetry is added to give context to some of the activities taking place in the temple.​​​​​​​

The Pune Heritage Walk is organised by the Pune Municipal Corporation and Janwani – an NGO which upholds citizens rights and development in Pune City. This guided, 2.5 km. multi-themed walk leads into the core 'Peths' area of Pune where a majority of heritage sites are clustered.
The Pune Heritage Walk Booklet is a keepsake full-color paperback given to all participants of the Walk for free. The booklet features articles and photos of each site, plus an illustrated timeline and route map based on historically significant incidents. It also functions as a kind of activity book for people to make notes or sketch ideas.
The newly designed booklets are getting a lot of positive feedback from participants. People love how the map indicates the order of the heritage sites during the walk and in the book. Brightly coloured illustrations give room for imagination while anchoring the text. The shape and size of the booklet allow for it to be carried easily.
Impact: The organisers observed a behaviour change in the walk-goers. People constantly peeked into the booklet and were able to relate with the host's narration during the walk. The previous version of the booklet used to be thrown away at the end of the walk, but after the new design was introduced, people carried the booklet home as a souvenir and even asked for more copies!

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