I currently work as a Principal Designer at frog design. In the past, I have led teams and projects at Globant

I am a research-driven, human-centered, creative practitioner that maps ecologies, cultures and infrastructures to understand and rethink how they interface with each other.
# Insights / Problem Definition / Taxonomy / Maps

I tend to operate between the gray area of the actual and the symbolic; projecting narratives into the past and future to deal with asks of the present.
# Scenarios / Insights / Narrative

I tread in the territory of systems thinking by providing structural frameworks that challenge preconceived meanings, patterns and relationships.
# Diagrams / Charts / Protocols / Business Models / Frameworks

I pursue changes in systems by acting at a specific scale and position to conceptualise physical and digital interfaces as mediums for the delivery of strategy.
# Roadmaps / Interface-UX/UI / Exhibitions / Space / Event / Articles / Lectures

Key Domains:
IoT, Healthcare, Education, Analytics, Financial Services, Heritage

Key Competencies:
User Experience: Interaction Design, Visual Design
Service Design: Platforms, Customer Journeys + Blueprints
Typography and Letterform Design
Visual Semiotics

Key Tech:
Mobile - Native iOS, Android, Hybrid Apps
IoT - Consumer IoT + Wearables, Industrial IoT
Web - Applications, E-commerce, Websites
Print - Digital, Offset
Key Interests:
Design Theory
Design Organisation Culture
Future Vision and Strategy
Offbeat Experiences
Get in Touch 
To collaborate with me on an interesting project, know more about my thoughts on design and project work, invite me for a talk or workshop or to simply say Hi!, please reach out to me at ruchin[@]ruch.in 

Looking forward!
From the sequence of forms,
         comes the condition of the mind...
- Sutra 24, Vastusutra Upanishad
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